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Recruitment Procedures  
Principal's / Employer's Part of Responsibilities

Issuance of Demand Letter:

The foreign employers may send their Demand Letter to the Metropolitan International. stating the type and category of workers required, terms of services and benefit the employer should like to offer to the workers etc. ( Specimen of the Demand Letter is given at Annex-‘A’

Visa Advice / NOC / Work permit:

Documents granting permission from the appropriate authority of the country of employment for recruitment of Bangladesh workers in the form of Visa Advice / NOC / Work Permit be sent to the Metropolitan International.

Power of Attorney:

In the event of stamping of visa in Bangladesh for the selected workers, the employer may authorize Metropolitan International. in the form of a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney including the Demand Letter must be attested by the Labor Attaché or by any authorized officer of the Embassy/ Mission of Bangladesh located in the host country.
( Specimen of the Power of Attorney is given at Annex-‘B’ ).

Consular Letter:

Specimen of Consular Letter is given at Annex-‘C’

Employment Agreement / Contract:

The employer may send their own proforma of Employment agreement along with the Demand Letter, Visa / NOC / Work Permit and Power of Attorney which, however, should be consistent with the local recruitment & regulations and procedures of Bangladesh. Specimen of an Employment Agreement is given at Annex-‘D’.

Immigration Formalities:

Metropolitan will obtain necessary Recruitment Permission and Immigration Clearance from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET) under Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign & Employment for the workers prior to their departure.

Orientation Before Departure:

Metropolitan shall provide basic orientation and pre-departure briefing to the workers before their despatch. The Employer may also join at the orientation session. The workers are briefed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and a first hand information on the religions and cultural values in the host country, weather, language and work-environment there.


Recruitment of workers :

On receipt of the Demand Letter and Power of Attorney along with the visa / NOC, Metropolitan shall collect applications through any or a combination of the following processes to find out the most suitable candidates for consideration of the Employer
  • Newspaper advertisement.
  • District Employment and Manpower Offices.
  • Specialized Supply Agencies.
  • Notice Board of Metropolitan.

Applications thus received / collected, shall be scrutinized for a short listing as per requirements of the employer for interview and final selection by the Recruitment Officers of Metropolitan. The employer or his representative are also welcome to carry out interview for final selection of candidates if they so desire, for which Metropolitan will provide necessary assistance and logistics support, e.g.

  • Issuance of Interview Cards
  • Arrangement for practical trade test (if needed)
  • Arrangement for expert services, if required, for highly technical jobs.

Passport :
Finally selected candidates intending to go abroad generally have their passports.
Metropolitan, however, may offer its services to get a new passport, if required by the employer, as quickly as possible.

Medical examinations :
The finally selected candidates are sent for Medical Test to the appointed / authorized Medical Centers of the Embassies of respective countries.

Entry Visa :
Metropolitan will apply for Entry visa for the medically fit and finally selected candidates with co-operation of the employer to the host country’s Embassy in Bangladesh. If there is no Embassy in Bangladesh, it will be the responsibilities of the employer to apply for visa and other permits needed by the workers to enter the country of employment.

Ticketing :
The employer may send PTA or remit necessary traveling expenses in favor of Metropolitan to facilitate the traveling of the candidates. Metropolitan has its own traveling division to purchase tickets or to process PTA for the workers.


All documents like demand letter, power of Attorney, consular letter etc. will have to type companies letter pad and attested by chamber of commerce, Foreign ministry and local embassy of Bangladesh.

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